Negatives And Positives

I recently purchased my first new car, and as you can imagine, I was quite excited about it. A few weeks ago, though, I went outside and saw that some &$#@$$ &^%^& had scratched a swastika on one side of the car, and an "F U" on the back. Lovely. As I struggled to contain my rage, I tried to see the bright side. It can be fixed, it's just a material object, it's not that important...all of those mantras we use when we want to comfort ourselves after something crappy has happened continued to float through my head, but I was still bitter when I got to the office. I sat in my chair and flipped the computer on. I muttered a few very bad words under my breath, but then forced myself to relax and assess the situation. No one had died, right? This wasn't really such a big deal. It was an annoyance, yes. An expensive annoyance? Hell, yes. But still...comparatively speaking, not such a big deal.

I took a few deep breaths and chilled out. Then I remembered the apartment search that I had started weeks before. It had been put on the back burner due to lack of time, but this act of vandalism reignited my desire to move to a new neighborhood. I scrolled through some listings on craigslist, sent out a few emails, and spent the rest of the day with patients. Hours later, I received a phone call from one of the landlords I had called. When I went to see the apartment, I was blown away: it was everything I wanted, exactly, at a price unheard of in that area. Due to a twist of fate, I managed to view it before anyone else, and wrote a check immediately.

It took me a few weeks to figure it out, but I came to realize this: if my car hadn't been vandalized, I never would have stumbled across this perfect apartment. So, in the end, something crappy ended up leading to something really, really good. And it made me think, again, about how manifestation works, and how it isn't always a straight, perfect line.