Independence Day, Part Two

This blog was originally intended to be written yesterday, but I was swept away by the patriotism of the day and got off track. So allow me to use yesterday's holiday as a segue into today's topic. This 4th of July holiday inspired me to consider the idea of "independence" in a whole other way. Independence, according to the dictionary, is defined as freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others. (Put this way, independence actually sounds like a pretty lonely place to be. But I digress.)

For most people, independence comes from a place of internal strength. How many people like to describe themselves as dependent on others? Not many. If you do consider yourself dependent, it usually has a negative connotation in your mind. It's certainly not a mark of pride to define yourself as a person easily influenced and controlled by others.

Even the most independent of us, however, never retain complete control. All of those negative habits that linger within us, dictating our fears and compulsions and unhealthy needs, ultimately control our choices in life. We know that a salad is the way to go, but we choose fried food instead. Why? We know that the salad will lead us to a better place, in the end, but the ingrained habit of reaching for comfort food is stronger than the desire for a healthy body. I doubt that there is a single soul out there who is convinced that smoking is good for you, yet millions of people light up every day, against their will. All of you who suffer from shyness, anxiety, a lack of confidence-you are victims of the habit of fear. That fear controls you, and prevents you from being your best, most enlightened, authentic selves.

So in honor of this day (okay, actually yesterday), take a step toward regaining your independence from your poor habits and fears. Think about what you would like to change, and do it! Set up a session of hypnotherapy, and start retraining your brain to work toward its highest potential. If you call to set up a session of hypnopuncture (acupuncture and hypnotherapy in one session) by 7/15, you will get $50 off of your initial session!