There Are No Stupid Questions

Remember back in elementary school, when the teacher would discuss a topic that made no sense to anyone? Inevitably, after a few minutes of awkward silence, the teacher would blurt out, "Well, any questions? Come on, it's okay...there are no stupid questions." And then, one kid would raise his hand and ask a really stupid question. Remember? Somewhere along the way, this phrase became my mantra. I don't know if it's due to my lack of exposure to television and newspapers, or if I am actually a natural blonde, but I am infamous for not knowing the most basic information. If I was ever on that show where you have to know more than a third-grader, I would get massacred. I know nothing about current events, the government, or any geographical location. On the sliding scale that ranges from book-smart to street-smart, I fall at the polar end of nerddom; in some ways, I'm really, really smart. When it comes to common sense, though, I am sadly lacking. It's truly a miracle that I haven't accidentally poisoned myself yet. Fortunately, though, I do have something that makes up for what I lack: I ask questions constantly.

People always ask me how I seem to always attract the things that I want. Part of it is visualization and will-when I want something, in my mind, it is as good as mine already. I'm a great manifestor. I'm not bragging, because this is something that anyone can get good at if they work at it. Manifesting aside, I ask a million questions about everything. When I started my practice, I knew nothing about the web. I didn't even know how to do a Powerpoint presentation. My computer work was limited to emailing and googling search terms. But, I knew my business needed a website. So I started asking. I asked people about starting a site. Then, after I figured that out, I started asking about how to make a website that people would actually want to visit. After that was accomplished, I started asking about how to promote this website. Step by step, my questions led to the creation of something that once seemed completely overwhelming and intimidating.

My questions aren't just limited to finding out information. If I'm looking for a car, an apartment, office space...anything...I put it out there. I make sure to mention it to everyone I talk to. And, it never fails: I always find what I'm looking for.

It's funny how many people are loathe to ask any sort of question. I'm not sure if they don't want to look stupid, or if they just don't want to be bothersome, but most people I know would rather stick a fork in their eye than say to someone, "Hey, I'm looking for a new XXX, if you hear of one coming up, let me know." It's really not that hard, people! If you want something, put it out there! The worst that can happen is nothing. And you may get far more than you bargained for.