Changing Things Up

I'm sitting here in my office, patient on the table, enjoying the warm breezes floating through the open windows. Soft music is playing to distract my patient from the sounds of traffic outside, but in truth, I think we both find it rather soothing. I can hear his breathing starting to slow and thicken as the needles bring him out of the here and now, and into a place where healing can begin.As he drifts off, so do I...I'm just sitting here, enjoying the moment, letting my mind wander wherever it decides to go. I'm probably staring blankly into space periodically, but what the hell; he is asleep now. He is in his own place, separate from mine. I start to wonder what path the healing will take for this particular patient. I find the variation of responses between patients fascinating. For some, spending an hour here will lead to nothing more than the cessation of an annoying problem. For others, it may be a life-changing experience.

Like the patient who had one session here, then left and decided to rid herself of everything in her life that was holding her back. She left her session, ended her relationship, made plans to move, and decided to switch her job position. In one day.

Or, the patient who left here and realized that she needed to change everything up. She cut off a friendship that was no longer serving her, found a new job, and started working on renovating her home. When I last saw her, she actually looked like a completely different person; that aura of heaviness had left her face and body, and she just seemed so free and light.

Who knows why some people have such a strong physical, mental, and emotional reaction to this medicine? Not I. But I'm looking forward to spending many more years trying to find out.