Appreciating What You Have

I know it's a cliche, but you never really appreciate what you have until you risk losing it. Most of us walk around in a state of blissful ignorance, thinking that what is now, is forever. We almost feel as if good health is a given, something that we rightfully deserve. It isn't until things start to fall apart that we gain a respect for being mobile, feeling healthy, and having the ability to do all of the things that we do every day. Recently a number of people within my social circle have lost close relatives, quickly and unexpectedly. And when I say "quickly", I mean it-seemingly healthy one moment, gone the next. In the midst of all this, a close relative of mine was brought in for some tests on a suspicious mass. In my heart, I felt it would be okay...but then I would listen to my friends' stories about how unpredictable life could be, and how they never expected to be saying goodbye to a loved one so suddenly. And I began to get nervous.

Thankfully, all has been resolved, and this suspicious mass was cleared as a benign annoyance. I am grateful for this, and even more grateful that this experience gave me some perspective. You never know what life will bring, so if you are one of the lucky ones who are in good health-treasure it. Take care of yourself. Work on maintaining a lifestyle that lends itself to keeping you healthy. And above all, take some time to step back and feel gratitude for your good fortune. Good health is not a given; it is a gift.