What Can You Accomplish In 30 Days? Day 5

Today I'm taking a time-out from life and closing up the office for the majority of the day. I'm going to focus on clearing out things that no longer serve me, in all aspects of my life. My first step? The kitchen! Last night I realized that my refrigerator and cabinets are nothing more than a home for condiments. Seriously, there is nothing in my house to eat except for sauces and spices. And with a few exceptions, none of these condiments possess any redeeming qualities. Salt, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and random chemicals that I can't spell...that's pretty much it. I might be focused on consuming foods that are fresh and nutritious, but my kitchen tells a far different story. If your environment dictates your actions, I am setting myself for a long future of sodium bloat and sugar crashes.

So now I am off to take out all of these garbage bags filled with evil flavor. And I suggest that you, too, take a look at what is in your kitchen today, and start removing those items that will not serve your health (or waistline). You can't be tempted by what isn't there. And in the end, restructuring your eating space with foods and liquids that you actually want inside of you will start to create new habits, ones that will lead to a healthier you.