Hello, Pots, I Am Kettle. And You Are Black.

Sometimes I need a reminder as to how quietly perfect this medicine can be. I skipped my weekly acupuncture session last week because I simply had no time. Or at least, it felt that way. In retrospect, though, I could have found an extra hour somewhere...I just didn't try that hard. I am the type of person who crams every possible thing into every possible minute. I bring multitasking to a whole other level. Aside from running a full-time business, I have two other jobs, a book in the works, a daily blog...and I always manage to squeeze in some time for fun (very important!) My patients always ask me how I don't get burned out, since my clinic hours are so long. The answer? Self-care. For me, this doesn't mean long workouts at the gym (although I am working on that) or living off organic produce. It means taking the free time I do have and using it to rejuvenate. My weekly acupuncture sessions are a part of that, which is why I am always promoting getting regular sessions of acupuncture to everyone, not just my patients.

Last week, I didn't get my hour of rejuvenation and set right all the wrongs that I had done to myself. The result? I stopped sleeping soundly; all the stresses of my day kept me up for hours. The lack of sleep led to exhaustion throughout the day. My knees ached from running around; my neck and back were so tight from all the computer work that they actually started to go numb. My physical aches, combined with lack of sleep, made me cranky and curmudgeonly. I felt...old.

So this past Monday, I headed to my acupuncturist with an uncommonly long list of maladies. After listening to me complain for several minutes, he needled me and left me to marinate. As usual, I dropped into a state of near-unconsciousness as my brain finally got some rest. When I came back to life, I left the chair pain-free. Aches and pains gone? Check.

I went home and passed out hours later, into a sleep so deep and interrupted that I felt like I had taken some sort of divine sleeping pill, without all the side effects. Improved sleep? Check.

I woke up rested and energetic, and genuinely happy for the first time in days. My mind was focused and clear, and I began to brainstorm about some wonderful changes at Healing Point Therapeutics that will be shortly taking place. Boosted energy and mood? Check!

I now know how important it is to disregard that little voice telling me that I am too busy/poor/overwhelmed for my weekly hour of self-care.