Fleeting Moments

My parents visited a sick relative this week, one who is passing on far too young. "Don't pass up the opportunity to stay close to your family," my mother advised me later, at home. "Time goes on, people grow further apart...and then one day something happens, and you would give anything to have one single moment with that person again, but it's too late." It made me think of the singular moments in my life that stand out with such clarity: acts of kindness that have touched me, words spoken that changed me in some way, those seconds or minutes where time seemed to briefly freeze and give me a glimpse of the full potential and beauty of the world. What struck me, as I pondered this, was the sheer simplicity of these moments. All of the moments that have touched my very core weren't extravagant, and most would consider them banal. Having someone stroke my hair back when I was sweating with fever; being covered up with a blanket while shivering with cold; having someone hand me a glass of cold water when I was on the verge of dehydration: these are the random images engraved in my memory that will last until my time here is over.

Life is precious and fleeting; don't waste an opportunity to leave every possible impression behind. The kind acts and words that you barely remember giving out may be what lingers on in someone else's mind at their darkest moments.