Five Reasons Why You Should Come In Today

It's a lovely (almost) Spring day, and you're feeling great. Why should you set up an appointment for acupuncture today?

  • You want to continue to feel great, and acupuncture is a way to achieve that goal. Get started on treatments now, and allergy season will be a piece of cake this year!
  • I don't know about all of you, but my mind is constantly racing, thinking of the next thing, planning and hour-long session of acupuncture is the only time when my mind shuts down and rests, aside from when I am sleeping. After this mind-nap, my focus and concentration increases, and my brain feels rejuvenated. This feeling lasts for a few days. Couldn't your brain use a nap, as well?
  • Soon the warm(er) weather will be here, and you will be back to doing all the outdoor activities you love so much. Start protecting your joints and tendons with acupuncture now, and you will be less likely to tear/strain/rip anything with all that bouncing around.
  • How about having the soundest, deepest, most rejuvenating night's sleep of your life? Yes, please.
  • It's Monday, and your body is still pissed about all the carbs, sodium, and booze you poured into it this weekend. Come in, and we can take care of that bloat, detox you, and generally just set things to rights.