Getting Juiced

Juicing rocks. Seriously. Yeah, yeah, I know that you are taking all of that healthy fiber out of whatever it is that you are liquifying. I know that juice isn't as filling as fruits and veggies in the whole, which means that you'll probably consume more calories drinking them than eating them. And I admit that it can get expensive. But you know what? I feel freaking fantastic when I start my day off with a freshly squeezed glass of disgusting vegetables that I wouldn't dream of touching in their natural form. I may be losing out on some fiber, but you would never see me eating a pile of kale for breakfast without its clever liquid disguise. I'd rather have the nutrients (minus the fiber) than nothing at all. I pimp out my Breville juicer to everyone. I'm sure that people are sick of hearing me rave about it. But I don't care, because it's awesome. You don't need to peel or cut anything-it juices an entire apple in about 1.5 seconds, core and all. I don't need to do any work (aside from cleaning), I get a full day's worth of vitamins and minerals, and I feel a burst of energy afterward without the manic quality that coffee brings.

As I've said before, in the world of TCM theory, food is medicine. That random stuff in your fridge and cabinets can be seen as natural remedies for all kinds of ailments. So if you are planning to create a medicinal concoction, juicing is a wonderful way to do it, since everything is so concentrated. Here are a few recipes I have found for random issues. If you have anything in particular you would like to treat that isn't listed here, shoot me an email; I have a pretty comprehensive list of juices for what ails you:

  • Gastritis: carrot, beet, cucumber
  • Obesity: carrot, beet, cucumber, cabbage, spinach
  • Acne: cucumber, garlic, sweet pepper
  • Arthritis: celery, grapefruit (I have also read that raw black grapes, eaten exclusively for 1-5 days, provides relief for acute arthritis
  • Gout: carrot, beet, cucumber
  • Hemorrhoids: carrot, spinach, celery
  • Headaches: spinach, carrot, beet, cucumber