Five People Who Need Acupuncture (Even Though They Don't Think They Do)

You're not sick. You're not injured. You don't have chronic knee pain, back pain, or tennis elbow. So there's definitely no need for you to see an acupuncturist, is there? Actually, we can all benefit from preventative medicine, regardless of what is going on right now. And if you fall into one of these categories, you need it more than you think you do:

  • New moms. To all of you out there that given birth recently, congratulations. However, along with that bundle of joy comes a whole slew of issues just waiting to crop up. Shoulder and neck pain from carrying the baby, sleep deprivation, hormonal mood swings-the list goes on and on. A visit to your local acupuncturist can work miracles for all of these issues-and increase lactation! Bet you didn't know that, did you?
  • Bodyworkers. Even the most diligent of you are using your upper body at angles that will eventually lead to back and neck pain-at the very least. Once you've worked out the kinks on your patients, come in and I will work out the kinks that your patient delivered unto you.
  • Travelers. We all know that acupuncture can help with jet lag and fear of flying. But those of you who fly regularly for your jobs know just how easy it is to get sick. Between the disrupted sleep, canned air, and Joe Schmo hacking away next to you, catching something is often inevitable-unless you are proactive about protecting your immune system with acupuncture.
  • Teachers. You, too, are surrounded by a sea of germs. Add in the stresses of dealing with a room full of miscreants, and voila! A recipe for getting sick. Come in and head things off before they start.
  • Students. You stay up all night studying. You eat random disgusting things from vending machines. You are stressed, exhausted, often hungover, and bloated because your diet sucks. How about scheduling an appointment to take care of all that? FYI, acupuncture can also boost your focus and concentration. Maybe you should schedule an appointment a day or so before that exam you've been crying about?