Time For A Life Upgrade

Remember the blog I wrote a few days ago, about the wonders of hypnotism? Well, all this mulling over the concept of subconscious suggestion brought back a memory from my first session with a hypnotherapist. Since the session wasn't really geared toward anything in particular, he ended it with this hypnotic suggestion: "Every day, in every way, I get better and better...."

I can still clearly hear his voice after all these years, repeating that sentence over and over. And although it just came back to me now, since I have hypnotism on the brain, I realize that I often hear this statement in my head, and even more often say it aloud in one form or another. It just occurred to me that I hear it in my head every time I am doing something extra challenging at the gym. I say it to myself each time I have some sort of setback, because when it comes down to it, it's the absolute truth. I am a better person than I was last year, and last year I was a better person than I was ten years ago. Each year shapes me into a more authentic and wise human being-as is the case with everyone.

From a more superficial standpoint, this mantra is connected to my regular "life upgrades." Oddly enough, this quest began after watching a tampon commercial. I still remember sitting in my crappy apartment, watching television with my roommates. At that time, I was malcontent, unsettled, and searching for my next step. In the commercial, a woman was comparing her fancy new tampon with an older, bulkier version, and snapping her fingers to transform her old life into an upgraded version. In one snap, she transformed her tiny apartment into a mansion; the next snap brought her a shiny new car. She then upgraded to a better boyfriend, and finally to a better tampon.

Although the commercial was silly, I turned to my friend and said, "Don't you wish that life was really like that? That you could just upgrade everything instantly?" As soon as the words left my mouth, I realized that it wasn't so far-fetched. That week, I started sending out applications for grad school, got a job in a better, higher-paying restaurant, and signed up for a gym. In less than six months, I had a career path established, some savings, and was healthier than I had ever been in my life. Mission accomplished.

I'm not saying that all of my life upgrades are that drastic, or that it is easy for everyone to change everything in their lives, all at once. I honestly think it came so easily for me because something was pushing me in the direction I was meant to go. Still, my obsession with the life upgrade never ended. Every so often, at least once a year, I need to change it up and make my life better in some way. I'm at that point right now. And for all of you out there reading-I suggest you give it a try, as well. You might not be able to whip up a completely new life in six months, but even a small improvement-a new class, a change in environment-is a small step toward creating the life that you really want.