First Comes VDay...Then The VD

Today is part two of my blog on acupuncture and Valentine's Day. Part one was about...well, sex. Let's face it, when we think of Valentine's Day, that's what comes to mind: happy couples embracing the joys of connecting via the genitalia. That, and insanely overpriced flowers. But I digress... We talked about how acupuncture can help your sex life during this time of year, and today we will discuss how it can help you during the aftermath. When I first started studying acupuncture, I thought that it was only useful for physical symptoms-namely, pain. At that time I didn't realize that it could be used for emotional pain, as well. Yes, there are actually point prescriptions that are specifically designed to treat heartbreak! I know it sounds strange, but it's true. I have used them before, with great success. There are points that will ease your shattered spirit after coming home to find your loved one bedding another. If you are single, there are points to make you feel more content and comfortable in your own skin (which of course is the most attractive trait there is). There are also points that can be used to help you let go of that person you just can't seem to stop obsessing over. So, if you are en route to boil someone's bunny, just stop...turn your car around...and head over to 185 Commonwealth Rd in Wayland instead.

If your sexual problems fall into the the spectrum of physical issues, and Cupid has brought you a venereal disease instead of roses, I can help you with that, as well. Please note: I would never tell anyone to come get acupuncture for an infectious disease without seeing a physician first. I can help with the itching and burning, but my needles don't contain antibiotics! Here is how it works: there are twelve meridians in the body, and these energetic pathways travel in certain directions. If there is something that doesn't belong in a meridian, issues with develop in particular areas, depending on which meridian it is. The Liver meridian travels around the genital area. If there is excess heat in this meridian, there will be burning, redness, and inflammation. If there is obstruction, there will be pain. If there is dampness, you will see sores, pus, and a heavy feeling of discomfort. Most STDs manifest as damp heat in the Liver meridian. So, we acupuncturists treat this damp heat, which will alleviate the symptoms associated with the disease. During a treatment, we will also use points to boost the immunity, and to speed healing....again, AFTER you have seen your physician first!

Happy Valentine's Day!