VD Is Almost Upon Us

February has arrived, which means that Valentine's Day will soon be here. I myself am not a fan of the day, since I've spent so much of my life serving disenchanted couples in restaurants. Like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day is a holiday where you are forced to show up, like it or not...lest you fall into the category of not caring enough about your loved ones. Commercialism wins again! In honor of this most unholy day, the next two blogs will be about sex and venereal disease. Let's begin with sexual dysfunction.

There is a Yin and Yang to everything in life, and this is especially evident in the bedroom. Now, as you remember, the Yin is dark, quiet, cold, and wet. The Yang is hot, dry, dynamic, and bright. There needs to be a certain balance in the ratio between Yin and Yang for sex to occur. If the Yin is deficient, the woman will not be able to properly lubricate. In the case of the male, there is an internal fire which creates the heat necessary to feel desire, become aroused, and then complete the act. If the male lacks this fire, his sex drive will be low, or perhaps even non-existent. If there is too much fire, premature ejaculation may become an issue. And if there is some sort of stagnation in the body, the energy and blood that flows through the genital region may become blocked, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

The good news is that acupuncture can help with all of these issues. If the energy is blocked, we can move it. There are points to build the fire of the body, to increase the circulation of qi and blood, and to build the Yin. I have had patients come in for issues that have nothing to do with their sex drive, and then later talk about an improvement in their sex life after a few treatments. This is because the moving and building of qi and blood can have profound effects on every aspect of your health, not just the problem at hand.

So, if your sex life isn't all that it can be, don't despair...set up an appointment. You may be surprised at how much it can improve after a few sessions! Healing Point Therapeutics offers a discount for couples, so why not schedule a double session with your significant other?