Woooo-ooo-ooo...(aka Spooky Background Noise)

Last Tuesday, I really freaked myself out. I was looking in my bathroom mirror, when I saw a fleeting glimpse of something, out of the corner of my eye. It was just a dark shapeless mass, and it looked as if it was behind me. When I turned around, there was nothing there. Later that day, I was in my clinic when I saw it again. I was sitting at my desk, and the door was slightly ajar. Looking up from my computer, I saw something dark moving behind the crack of the door. I got up to check, thinking that someone had entered the waiting room, but again-nothing. At that point I started to get creeped out, and even though I searched the entire waiting room, I felt like something was around me, watching me. I turned on every light, like a little kid afraid of the monster in the closet...but I still couldn't ward off the goosebumps that were prickling the back of my scalp.

That evening, I was treating a patient who happens to be a very talented psychic. As soon as she walked in, I blurted out, "Can I ask you a question? Is there some spirit or something following me around?"

Normally I wouldn't jump to supernatural conclusions, but I was positive there was something around me. She stared at me for a moment then told me she was going to concentrate and see what she could find out.

"Whatever it is, it's not a spirit," she began. "It's energy, and it's dark and icky, but not dangerous. Were you at the acupuncture school last night?"

I should explain here that I have just started as a teacher's assistant at my old acupuncture school. I teach one night a week, and my first day was last Monday.

"All that energy being expelled during the treatments is just kind of sitting there in the room, and you are attracting it, like a magnet," she explained. "Use some sage or moxa to clear the room, and yourself, and it will disappear."

This made perfect sense, and I should have figured it out on my own. Often, patients will leave some traces of their energy behind, and you can actually feel it in the room, just sitting there. When this happens, I smudge the room to disperse all that energy. Multiply this by 40 students, and you've got some thick sticky energy sitting around.

I did as she said, using moxa and sandlewood incense to clear the energy, and the room immediately felt lighter. Since the clearing, there has been no trace of mysterious ghoulies around, and now I know what to do after teaching to ensure that nothing gets "stuck" to me.

Just because you are not an energy worker, doesn't mean you are safe from this sticky, icky energetic sludge. You all know how you feel when certain undesirable people come for a visit, and leave their miserable energy behind. Or when someone comes into your home and leaves a presence that just instantly sucks away all of your vitality. Clearing your environment makes a huge difference, and it's easy. All you need to do is buy some smoky sandlewood or sage, and walk around your house with it, visualizing a nice clean white light that is cleaning out all that old gook. Trust me, just a little energetic cleaning can make a huge difference in the way you feel when you are home!