Getting Grounded

A few months ago, I took a class in Reiki. I now use this with my patients, and I find that it intensifies my treatments. Each patient that I use it on seems to feel it differently, and I also have different reactions when using it, depending on the patient. In most cases, patients feel intense heat over the area where my hands are hovering. Even if their eyes are closed, I often get asked if I have just put a heatlamp over them-but all of that heat is emanating from my palms! Very cool stuff. I have had patients tell me that they experience sensations of movement, tingling, and heaviness. I have also had patients report seeing various colors while I am working. As the practitioner, I have as many responses to the energy work as they do. I usually get hot when I start-I mean, really hot. My cheeks get red, and sometimes I start sweating-and this is unusual for me, since I am quite a cold person usually. Sometimes I start getting palpitations, and often I will feel breathless. I might get a tingling in my hands, or start to feel a bit lightheaded. One of the strangest things I have discovered lately is a pronounced forward sway that I am helpless to control. I find myself being pushed forward, then pulled back and no matter how firmly I plant my feet, it still happens. I was telling one of my patients about this, and she told me to brace myself by holding onto the bed...and I still couldn't control it.

Since I am new to Reiki, I decided to ask around about what might be going on. Several practitioners said that I need to "ground" myself better, and that the cause of all this swaying is the energy coming through me in waves. Now, you all know how much I try to steer clear of the more esoteric stuff, but it really does feel that way-as if some force is manipulating my body. It's a little creepy, honestly. Not that what is going on is negative in any way-in fact, I feel rejuvenated and clear when I finish using Reiki on my patients-but it's just so surprisingly perceptible. It's one thing to work with energy, but quite another to feel it physically moving you around.