Another Spooky Halloween Tale

Yesterday's medium party was a big hit, and I think our lovely psychic will be getting lots of referrals soon. She blew everyone away with the accuracy of her readings, and everyone left happy. In fact, if anyone in the Boston area needs a referral for an insanely talented psychic, contact me and I will give you her info. She does all sorts of readings, from medium to tarot to medical. Halloween is only a week away! Readers who follow this blog know about my love for this holiday. Throughout the month of October, I have been posting about some of the spooky acupuncture experiences I have had in the past, and today I thought I would mix things up with a tale of a disturbing psychic experience I had in the bathroom of a bar. Halloween-lovers, this one's for you: Several years back, I briefly moved back to my parent's house while looking for an apartment. My parents had just purchased a house that was new to them, but over a hundred years old. I thought that, since I would be staying there a while, I might as well paint my bedroom and make it my own.

The walls were very old, obviously, and the area below the paint was covered in newspaper. I bought a gallon of paint to touch up the walls, and at first the white paint looked great. The next day, however, the images from the newspaper had somehow seeped though the paint. When I walked into the room, I could see ghostly faces peering out through the new color. I decided I couldn't sleep in a room where images of faces watched me sleep, and immediately headed out to Home Depot for more paint.

I chose a very thick, dense, warm red color that was textured with sand. The color was dark enough to cover the images, and I thought that the red would give the room a warm and cozy look. I was wrong. It looked fine while wet, but the instant it dried, it looked like a crime scene. The paint was the color of dried blood, and the sand in the paint made it look like dried clotted blood. Absolutely not the look I was going for.

So, another trip to Home Depot. This time, I picked a bright, light blue color-almost turquoise. I painted the room again, only to have the undercoat of red seep through. This was turning into a nightmare. Four coats later, however, I finally had a blue room without faces. I was content.

Why am I boring you with all the details of my room-painting fiasco? Well, this is the preface to the psychic experience I would have later that week.

The weekend after I painted my room, I went to a local bar with friends. We were chatting away when a girl walked by and said, "Hey, some girl is doing psychic readings in the guys should check it out!" This piqued our interest, and we headed to the ladie's. A girl was standing at the sink, and a long line of girls were waiting in line to talk to her. Cries of "oh my God, that's crazy, how did you know?" and "you are amazing!" kept coming from the girls in the line, so we decided to see what she had to say to us. When we finally worked our way to the head of the line, I said, "So, you're psychic, huh?"

For some reason, she seemed very annoyed by this. "I'm not psychic, I just see what I see," she snapped. We were off to a great start.

"What do you see for me?" my friend asked.

The girl stared at her for a second. "You're in love with your best friend," she said.

"Oh my God, we were just talking about this!" my friend exclaimed. "This is unbelievable!"

I wasn't impressed. "It really isn't, actually. Don't most people fall in love with their best friends at some point? It doesn't take a psychic to know that."

The psychic...or whatever...bristled at this. "I already told you, I'm not psychic. I just see what I see."

"Ok, fine," I replied. "Then what do you see for me? How about you tell me something that's already happened, so I can actually verify whether you're right or not?"

"Fine," she said, "You painted your room to cover up faces you saw coming through the wall, but then the red paint you used looked just like dried blood. So you ended up covering it with blue paint. And now you have a room with blue paint and tan trim."

My mouth hung open. Knowing she had the last word, my psychic friend smugly turned and left the bathroom.

"What the hell? Was she right?" my friend asked.

The look of shock on my face answered her question. "Well, congratulations," my friend said. "You've officially just gotten the most boring psychic reading in history. Now let's get back to drinking."

A few drinks later, I needed to visit the restroom. Another girl held the door for me. As I walked in, I saw the psychic exiting a stall.

"So, my psychic and I meet again," I commented.

"Who's psychic?" the new girl asked.

"For the last time, I told you..." the psychic began.

"I know, I just see what you see. Sorry." I turned to the new girl. "Seriously, though, this girl has some kind of talent. She told me some things that were dead-on accurate tonight, and she's never met me before."

"Oh, I love this kind of stuff! Do me, do me! What do you see in my future?"

The psychic stared at her for a second. "I'd rather not say," she finally answered.

"Oh, come on...please? Just one thing," the girl begged.

"I really don't want to."

"Just one little thing. It can be anything."

The psychic sighed. "Fine. Your brother, the one you are closest to, has been complaining of headaches for a while. He doesn't know it, but he has a brain tumor, and he's too far gone for treatment. He'll be dead in three weeks. I'm sorry." With that, she walked out of the bathroom.