Adventures In Ear Coning

As my friends and readers know, as soon as I hear of something new or exotic, I need to try it immediately. Which I why I find it strange that it has taken me so long to get down with ear coning. I heard of this several years ago, and remember thinking, "Oh! I need to try that!" For some reason, though, I kind of forgot about it until recently. A friend of mine incorporated coning into her practice, and I decided to pay her a visit. (By the way, the name of her practice is Wise Healing Owl, and I highly recommend her. She does all sorts of energy work, and I got a lot out of her sessions. You can learn more by visiting her website at So on to the coning...on this rainy Tuesday, I drove over to Norwood for some ear-cleansing action. Elizabeth, (my coner?) explained that coning clears the energetic pathway of the body, and so it is good for your chakras. Honestly, all I cared about was the de-waxing, though. I am obsessed with cleaning my ears, and I enjoy it immensely. Having someone work on my ears for 1/2 hour sounded like heaven to me. So I lay on my side, on a silk pillow, while she inserted a long tube into my ear and lit it on fire. As the top of the tube burned, it formed a suction which sucked out all the wax. It felt great. I was slightly disappointed at the lack of wax that came out of the tube when she was done-I imagined great gobs coming out. Although there was a good amount, it wasn't shocking and horrifying, which is what I'd hoped for. I guess that's what I get for all my obsessive ear-cleaning. It was quite interesting to see a white, powdery substance that she referred to as "yeast." She said that this yeast is a by-product of our diets, and shows up in our ears. Food for thought-no pun intended.

When I left, I felt like I had the ears of a bat-everything sounded so clear! I also felt a definite draining in my sinuses, which was a bonus. This could turn into an addiction!