Bad Qi

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the energies absorbed by objects and places. It all started last week, when I decided to move. I am the type of person who despises staying in one place for long, and I just felt like a change of scenery was in order. Last night, I decided that simply packing up my things and heading to a new destination was not currently an option, so instead I tore my entire apartment apart and rearranged every single object in it. I didn't finish until after midnight, but when I looked around, I felt better than I had in months. I even slept better. When I woke up this morning, I felt reborn...and it wasn't just my Bailey's and coffee kicking in. I just feel happier, lighter, not as weighed down as I had been feeling over the last few months. Although I don't know much about Feng Shui, I think I may have inadvertently given my home a full treatment without realizing it! Think, for a moment, of all the things you have collected and stored away which hold memories, both good and bad. All those old letters, memoirs of incidents that you wish could stay forgotten. I have an old diary from my teen/young adult years, and every few years I dig it out. Each time I read it it depresses the hell out of me. Most people don't talk about all the great days they've had in their diaries; they use them to get the pain out, and my diary is no exception. When I read it, it's like spending an hour or two marinating in old hurts, regrets, and disappointments. So why do I hold on to it?

I often think back to the various places I have lived, and wonder why I wasted so much time staying in homes where the energy was obviously tainted. Before I moved to Boston, I rented an apartment that seemed dark even in the height of summer. When people would come over, they would comment on the lack of light, despite all the lights being on. I always seemed to see things out of the corner of my eye, and wrote it off as imagination-but other people would say the same thing. Whenever I was in that place, an overwhelming sense of sadness would come over me. I had constant nightmares, and I was usually tired and depressed.

Then I think about my parents' house, which they moved to when I was twenty-one. Although it was a fixer-upper, from the moment I set foot in it, I just felt this sense of warmth and comfort. As weird as it sounds, I felt like the house wanted us there. Visiting my parents' home is like sliding into a soft, warm bed.

I have similar feelings about my office. My patients always comment about how much they like the atmosphere, and I can't help but agree-I could happily stay in my office all day, and never tire of being there. As soon as I walk in, I feel refreshed and excited to begin my day. I actually have a hard time dragging myself away, once the day is over!

Since our mood is so connected to the external world, it is important to clear out anything that has "bad qi". Ditch all those mementos of unhappier days. If something that you own has a negative memory associated with it, either dump it or hide it away. And again, although I am no Feng Shui expert, I will say that open paths in your home lead to a better energy flow. I always feel better when the light from the window is unobstructed by objects in my home. Fill your personal space with objects that make you feel comfortable and happy, and it will make a huge difference in your mood.