Embarrassing Side Effects Of Acupuncture

I am a member of an acupuncture message board, and yesterday I received an email that caught my attention. I only wish that I had saved it to cut and paste here, because it was funnier coming from the source. Alas, you will have to settle for my summary of said email. A fellow acupuncturist wrote about a 58 year old woman had come into her office with complaints of anxiety and occasional constipation. This woman had a rather quiet and timid nature, and seemed uncomfortable at first meeting. After the intake, she got on the table and the needle insertion began.

As soon as the first few needles were in, the patient began to let out ringing belches, long ones that lasted about four seconds apiece. Then, she began passing gas, loudly and unremittingly. She was horrified, and kept apologizing, but was helpless to stop. For ten minutes or so, the belches and flatulence continued, and both were so blaring that they could not be politely ignored. The acupuncturist assured the mortified patient that this type of release is always a good thing, but even she was surprised by the intensity of this reaction.

After the treatment was over, the patient admitted to feeling good, relaxed and calm, but was obviously still very embarrassed.

First of all, let me state that there is usually some time of release or movement in the treatment room, but as of yet I have experienced nothing like the previously described events. Most of my patients apologize for their grumbling stomachs, their snores, or their need to hop off the table to urinate between the front and back treatments. Simply put, acupuncture gets things in the body moving. When energy moves, everything moves-so don't be ashamed of any noises that your body makes. I've heard it all before.

So if you are reading this and have never had acupuncture before, do not fear-this is not the norm. Patients generally don't get on the table and start belching like drunken sailors. Neither do they start immediately firing out explosive gas. But rest assured, if this does ever happen, I will see it as nothing more than a natural reaction of the body to release that pent-up stagnation. I certainly won't judge you, laugh at you (but with you? Maybe!), or feel any disgust. So let those qi blockages come flying out-you'll feel better!