The Sexy Side Of Acupuncture

Whenever I go to a, I mean, book club meeting...I am inevitably asked what I do, and I am then barraged with questions about acupuncture. And honestly, I don't mind. (Unless it gets in the way of my drinking...I mean, reading). People are naturally curious about acupuncture. It is a mystery even to me sometimes, and I spent four years studying it in grad school. I can only imagine how exotic it must seem to those who have no experience with it!

When I was in school, one of my instructors referred to acupuncture as a "sexy" profession. Although I am known to whip out my long, thick moxa pole during treatments at times, I don't think I would call my treatment room a place of erotic fantasy. Few things are more prohibitive to the sex drive than preparing yourself for being inserted with needles.

But I think I get what she meant. Acupuncture, as a profession, is attention-getting. Very few people ask me what I do, and then simply nod and move on from the topic. Most are full of questions. I used to teach English, and believe me, no one cared. Everyone seems to care about what I do now, and why I do it, and how I got started...the questions go on and on. It has an element of the exotic, and it's something that most people simply want to know more about.

Now that so many celebrities are starting to publicize their experiences with acupuncture, we are starting to get a lot more attention. It's ironic that we are now getting trendy, even though acupuncture has been around for thousands of years! I say, bring it on. There are a lot of trends out there that I find horrifying: jeggings, tramp stamps, Jersey Shore...if all of these things can become part of our culture, isn't it time that something useful does, as well?

And speaking of celebrities, I am posting this horribly cheesy video for you all to enjoy (sort of).


Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the making of this atrocity.