For The Moms

Although I've never attempted motherhood, most of my friends have. Those in the know have filled my ears with bloodcurdling stories of pregnancy: constipation, uncontrollable nipple leakage, the pains and aches that come with gaining 30 pounds a all sounds delightful, but I think I'll pass. Apparently, once the miseries of pregnancy are over, all of these memories are erased with one glimpse of that angelic face, since there are actually women out there who dare to have more than one child. There are plenty of women who come in for acupuncture to ease their pregnancy aches, but I don't think a lot of women realize how much it can help after the baby has arrived. If pregnancy can be described in one word, it would be "draining." So much qi and blood is lost after delivery, that it can take weeks to recover physically-and even after that, many women remain deficient but are unaware of it. Their entire life has changed; they are now sleeping at odd hours (if at all), they are overwhelmed with learning the ins and outs of parenting, and they likely have constant visitors. It is understandable that most women never realize just how much of their postpartum symptoms are linked to a deficiency of blood.

Blood deficiency can lead to the following symptoms:

Palpitations Forgetfulness, poor memory Insomnia Shortness of breath Dizziness Fatigue Excessive dreaming Constipation Pale complexion Pale and dry, cracked lips Dry mouth Headache with lightheadedness Floaters Anxiety Numbness or tingling in limbs Dry skin Dry, brittle hair Light menses Depression

Sound familiar, moms? That postpartum depression may well be linked to the state of blood deficiency that the body is in. Now you can also blame blood deficiency for your "pregnancy brain", as well!

So if you have just had a baby, come in and let me help you bounce back. After all, you will never need your energy more than you need it now, with a new baby to take care of. I should also add that acupuncture can help greatly with stimulating the flow of milk-so if you are trying to breastfeed and having a hard time, this is a great way to increase your production.