Why Acupuncture Isn't A Load Of Crap

I would like to thank my friend Patti Woods LaVoie for today's article idea. Patti is a good friend of mine and knows everything there is to know about chocolately goodness. If you share her love of candy, you need to check out her blog, www.candyyumyum.com. But I digress... Today's blog is for those who doubt the unknown. As I have frequently written in the past, I am a skeptic by nature. I started on this path full of doubts about the medicine, simply because I couldn't accept the reasoning behind it. It was only through years of seeing with my own eyes the efficacy of acupuncture that I finally cast aside my doubts. I decided that I would have to come to terms with the fact that this medicine works, regardless of whether or not I would ever know all the "whys". I wanted scientific answers, and sometimes I could find them...but just as often, I couldn't. However, for all of you out there who crave the comfort of scientific reasoning, this is for you. For those readers who are slaves to logic and don't want to hear another word and energetic meridians and qi, here are just a few threories of why acupuncture is effective, from a non-Traditional Chinese medicine standpoint:

1. The immune system is a huge component of our overall health. Acupuncture has been shown to release specific neurotransmitters than affect immune system function. Well-functioning immune system=better health.

2. You know all those "natural drugs" that give you a high after working out? Acupuncture stimulates the release of these endorphins. This means that you get a natural high from acupuncture which leads to stress reduction, pain relief, and numerous other positive effects on the mind and body.

3. Some suspect that the Gate Theory is responsible for the efficacy of acupuncture. Simply put, there is only so much stimuli that the nerves can handle before they shut down. Once they shut down, they stop conducting pain. The acupuncture needles may create this shut-down effect on the nerves, leading to pain relief.

4. Acupuncture causes minor tears, which the body responds to by increasing blood flow and healing chemicals to the injured site. This increase leads to faster healing in the area which was needled.

5. Acupuncture has a significant effect on blood chemistry, which can regulate the body into a state of homeostasis. This state of balance is necessary for optimum health.

So there, acupuncture naysayers. What do you have to say now?