Why Should I Bother?

One of the questions I am most often asked in my practice is, "how often should I be coming for treatment?" The answer depends on the issue being addressed. For someone with an acute, severe problem, the best results are attained with treatment 3-4 times a week. For other issues, weekly or bimonthly treatments may suffice. To those coming for general well-being, I suggest weekly treatments. This is how often I get treated, and when I maintain this schedule, I feel my absolute best. At this point in time, I have no particular health issues I am working on, but I still get acupuncture once a week because: 1. It feels great to do something for myself, and that feeling of satisfaction tends to spread into all areas of my life. You know how good you feel when you start a new fitness regimen? Acupuncture gives you a similar endorphin rush.

2. When I have regular acupuncture, I tend to stay healthy even in the midst of flu season, allergy season, and when I am surrounded by sick and hacking coworkers.

3. I don't need laxatives to get things moving, Midol to get through my period, or sinus meds to get through pollen season. I'm not one of those practitioners who is completely anti-Western medication, but Midol makes me exhausted, sinus medications turn me into a mindless space-cadet, and laxatives lead to a cycle of constipation...which leads to a need for more laxatives. It's nice to not have to worry about side effects.

4. Acupuncture makes my skin glow and my eyes brighten....in short, weekly sessions make me better looking!

5. When I have those needles in, it is the only time I can really turn my brain off completely for an hour. Even massage doesn't do that for me. It is the most relaxed I get, aside from when I am asleep. With the right practitioner, I feel like my body is so light that it is floating right off the table...and that feeling of lightness tends to last for a few hours.

6. And speaking of sleep, it is so different with weekly sessions. I drift right off and sleep deeply the entire night. I wake feeling rested, without any sort of sleep-aid hangover.

7. It makes me happy. Not just when I am on the table, zoned out and filled with energetic bliss, but in my day to day life, as well. I am less stressed, more content, and have more energy to get things done.

8. And the last reason I make sure to get weekly treatments: when I get treated regularly, the treatments I give are better. I'm not quite sure why this is, but my patients seem to get better treatment results since I've become an acupuncture regular.