Rewind, Repeat

Have you ever noticed certain days/weeks/months when recurring themes take place in your life? Maybe you've found that you've met several people who have the same particular personality traits over a short span of time. Or perhaps you've had a week where a number of people from your past pop up, all at once. In my own life, I can clearly see patterns in how people communicate with me. Every month, there will be a span of 3-4 days where I will not get a single phone call, email, or text. During that time, I cannot connect with anyone, even with effort on my behalf. After these 3-4 days pass, I am inundated with people. Inevitably, I wake up with several missed texts; if I leave the house without my phone, I return to find my phone clogged with voicemails and missed calls. I never understood this phenomenon, but when I really think about it, it always seems to occur at the times when I need to focus on myself more than others.

In Chinese medicine, recurring themes are all-important. Patients tend to have short memories when it comes to pain. This is probably why I went through a phase when I suffered though a headache every single time I visited a certain person (not to be named, on the off-chance they are reading this today!), but failed to notice it for almost a year. The headaches were intense, but once they were over, I kind of forgot they existed. It was only after someone questioned me about them directly that I noticed what was going on. The point is, we find it difficult to suss out these recurring themes even when they relate to severe physical pain; is it any wonder that we ignore them in other aspects of our lives?

In my case, the recurring headaches were my body's way of telling me to stay away from a certain person. Those 3-4 days a month when I feel completely socially sequestered seem to be another message to me, one that is being sent on an energetic level. I have no doubt that we are constantly receiving messages and lessons from a higher source of wisdom. If you are religious, you call it God. If you are spiritual, you might call it the Universe. Those who are more science-minded might call it your subconscious. Regardless of what you believe, you can't deny that these themes in your life exist. What are they trying to tell you?