Timing Is Everything

Most people are familiar with the circadian rhythm, that inner timeclock that wrecks havoc on your sleep after long flights. In the world of Chinese medicine, there is another clock that tells us when each of the organ systems is at its peak of productivity. This information can be extremely useful in finding out which system is out of balance: 5-7 AM: Large Intestine 7-9 AM: Stomach 9-11 AM: Spleen 11AM-1 PM: Heart 1 PM-3PM: Small Intestine 3-5 PM: Bladder 5-7 PM: Kidney 7-9 PM: Pericardium 9-11 PM: Triple Warmer 11 PM-1 AM: Gallbladder 1 AM-3 AM: Liver 3 AM-5 AM: Lung

If certain symptoms show up at the same time each day, it can point to an imbalance within the organ system represented at that time. This information can be very helpful to your acupuncturist. For example, if you wake up between 1:00 and 3:00 every morning, it points to an imbalance of the Liver. On your end, knowing the times that each organ system peaks can be useful in figuring out how to schedule your daily life activities. Since the Stomach peaks between 7-9 AM, that would be the best time to eat your first meal. Large Intestine time is 5:00-7:00, so you might want to have a big glass of water around that time to...um..ease things along out of the Large Intestine.