In Anticipation Of Memorial Day Regrets

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Make sure to keep me in mind tomorrow when all those hot dogs are taking their toll! If you don't have time to set up an appointment, you can also ease the pain with a hara massage. This abdominal massage technique speeds up the digestive process so the food will spend less time torturing you within the confines of your intestines. It assists with peristalsis (the rhythm of the digestive tract) and is also very soothing.

How to give yourself a hara massage:

Take several deep, relaxing breaths. Fill your entire abdomen with air on the inhale, puffing it out. Then, with exhalation, let all the air out. Focus on the word "relax" with each exhale. Rub around the outer area of your stomach in a clockwise motion, very gently. Do this several times, until your skin gets warm. Press your hand under the right ribs and then the left. Press around the solar plexus in a clockwise motion. Use a firm hand, but don't press in too deeply. Continue pressing around the stomach in a clockwise motion, below the navel. Rub the entire abdominal area in a wide circle around the navel several times, using the same clockwise motion. Relax with your hands placed below your navel, and take several deep breaths.