Quiz Answers

And now...the moment you've been waiting for all morning...here are the answers to the quiz that I posted last night: If most of your checkmarks were in the A column:

Your element is Water/Kidney. Those with Kidney constitutions are often articulate, clever, and introspective. They are thinkers rather than doers, and they are focused on the deeper issues of life. Self-contained and self-sufficient, they can sometimes tend to isolate themselves. Their main goal in life is to seek knowledge and understanding, at the risk of potentially becoming anti-social. They prefer to remain a bit of a mystery, and to work behind the scenes. Some emotional challenges that Kidneys face is their tendency to stay aloof, creating a distance between themselves and others. They can also be tactless, unforgiving, and at times tactless. Some very typical physical problems they face are hardening of the arteries, deterioration of teeth and gums, backaches, and loss of libido.

If most of your checkmarks were in the B column:

Your element is Wood/Liver. Those with Liver constitutions are assertive, rigid, and natural born leaders. They love challenges and pushing themselves to the limit. They are happier in action, and need constant movement. They are competitive and do very well under pressure. Liver constitutions need to avoid their natural tendencies toward intolerance, impatience, and volatile emotions. They are drawn to acts of extremism, which can lead to either impulsive behavior, or strict self-discipline. Health-wise, they are prone to headaches, muscle spasms, high blood pressure, migrating pain, nerve issues, and substance abuse.

If most of your checkmarks were in the C column:

Your element is Fire/Heart. People with this constitution crave excitement and intimacy. They are extremely empathetic and passionate. They are very intuitive, and truly think with their hearts rather than their heads. Heart constitutions are drawn to drama and sensation. Typical problems Hearts experience are anxiety, agitation, frenzy, and insomnia. They can sometimes be subject to bizarre perceptions and sensations. Some of the health issues that Hearts are prone to are palpitations, unusual sweating, speech difficulties, rashes, and substance abuse.

If most of your checkmarks were in the D column:

Your element is Spleen/Earth. People with this constitution need to be needed. They are agreeable and accommodating, and want to be everything to everyone. They seek harmony and togetherness, and insist upon loyalty, security, and togetherness. They tend to worry and obsess over small things. Their unrealistic expectations can cause them to suffer frequent disappointment. Their desire to care for others can be taken too far, to the point of seeming meddling and overprotective. From a health standpoint, they are prone to lethargy, indigestion, weight gain, water retention, and tender muscles.

If most of your checkmarks were in the E column:

Your element is Metal/Lung. Lung people like definition, structure, and discipline within their world. They respect authority, and have high moral standards that they expect everyone around them to live up to as well. They seek reason and principle. They hold themselves to very high standards. They find the most contentment in beauty and ceremony. Emotional problems linked to the Lung include indifference, inhibition, and strict behavior. They can sometimes be seen as too formal, emotionally distant, or self-righteous. Those with a Lung constitution are prone to stiff joints and muscles, dry skin and hair, breathing issues, sensitivity to climate, and poor circulation.