30 Days To A Happy Ending-Day 23

Today's goal is to satisfy your curiosity. Think of something that has always interested you, and do some research on the topic. I have always been of the mindset that curiosity exists within us for a reason, and when you have a special interest in...whatever it is, there is a reason why. Plus, learning about something new is just innately satisfying. On that note, I'll share some interesting info that I stumbled across while working on something else. Facial diagnosis is a way of diagnosing dysfunction and illness just by the features of the face. We acupuncturists use this method often, although we don't usually get into detail with it. The colors of your face, for example, tell us a lot about the state of your overall health and qi. Generally, the colors of the face are all we tend to focus on when working with patients. But this science of face-reading (called physiognomy) is far more in-depth than that. Here are a few guidelines to physiognomy:

1. The eyebrows indicate the "aggressive" energy within the body. For this reason, people with thick eyebrows can be perceived as aggressive, or as chronically angry, or as a leader rather than a follower. Conversely, thin eyebrows can be seen as a feature of the passive follower. Long eyebrowed people have an easy time maintaining friendships, and those with short eyebrows are more independent.

2. Upturned eyes depict curiosity about life, or naivety, and downturned eyes correspond to sensitivity. Wide-set eyed people tend to look at the whole picture, while people with close-set eyes are more detail-oriented.

3. A large nose indicates an assertive individual with good leadership abilities, while the small-nosed tend to be more social. If your nose have large pores, that is a sign of an overindulgent, materialistic personality with a large appetite for the pleasures of life.

4. People with wide but thin lips feel more comfortable giving things than emotions. Wide, full-lipped people are huggy, PDA types. Small and thin lips are a sign of ongoing bitterness, and small full lips either love or hate you.

5. There are five face shapes. Square-faced people are leaders and adventurers. Those with rectangular shapes are similar in personality to the square-faced, although they tend to plan a bit more and look before they leap. A round face depicts a gregarious, outgoing nature-someone who likes to be the center of attention. An oval-faced person is a diplomat, someone who is social but not necessarily comfortable being the center of attention. And a triangular-faced person is usually more mental in nature, and very focused, but not as social.

Take a good look at the people around you, and see if any of this seems to ring true. This art dates back to 2500 B.C., so it will be interesting to see if it still remains relevant today.