30 Days To A Happy Ending-Day 20

Exciting things are a-comin, my friends. I have a whole slew of blog ideas about good stuff like nutrition, pooping, sex, and all sorts of other topics that will make you very happy. So stay tuned this week for more... In the interim, what makes ME happy is doing something nice for people who deserve it. That's why I've decided to offer monthly incentives for certain groups of people to allow them to experience acupuncture. This month I'm offering $30 treatments to retail and restaurant employees. I've been there, and if anyone deserves and needs some affordable acupuncture, it's them. And if I can prevent one disgruntled waitress from savagely attacking a customer with a peppermill, it will all have been worth it.

So I'd like to hear your input-who would you like to see discounts offered to? Teachers? Nurses? Firemen? (yay! Now THAT'S a great idea!) Who do you know that could really benefit from acupuncture?