30 Days To A Happy Ending-Day 18

Honestly, it's hard to focus on writing anything today, because I'm too distracted by the sunlight and fresh air. Remember a few short weeks ago, fellow East-Coasters, when we never thought we'd see sunlight again? Finally, it's here! Maybe our goal today should be to use this as an example of how time passes. Sure, that seems like an obvious statement, but we always seem to forget it. When we are in pain, suffering, or in some sort of miserable situation, we forget that it will pass, as everything does. And when we're having the time of our lives, we take it for granted because we assume that it will last forever.

So for today, think about whatever is going on in your life within this context. If you are lonely, bored, tired, sad...it's only for the moment. Time is passing, and all of these feelings will move along with it. And if you're having a great day (or week, or month...) embrace and savor it all the more, knowing that it, too, will pass.