Day 6 Of Detox

So this raw food detox is nearly over, unless I decide to continue for another week...and surprisingly, I feel like I actually can. After three days of misery, I started to feel pretty good-cleaner, lighter, and I am never hungry, ever. That might be due to the fact that my body finally realizes it's not gonna get anything good, so why bother asking? On the whole, I'd say that this is a great way to do some "spring cleaning", but it's way too difficult to turn into a lifestyle. There's just too much work involved...and it's really expensive. When you are limited to only raw, unprocessed, unpreserved foods, there are very few things you can eat. And those things that you can, aren't substantial enough to make up a full meal. So you're forced to spend lots of money on expensive snacks that are raw but filling, like coconuts and dates, to fill you up-unless you want to eat 27 pounds of spinach for dinner. And I don't.

I admit I'm kind of tempted to keep it going another week, just to see if I can do it. It's quite the challenge, and no one thinks I can do it. Also, I'm afraid that going back to "normal" food is going to put my intestines into a state of war.

It's funny how taking something out of your diet completely makes you hyper-aware of what you were eating before. I've never really been a fan of what most people perceived as "processed foods"-chips and salty snacks. What I am a fan of is convenience, so I buy a lot of pre-cooked chicken, lunchmeat...foods that take minimal preparation. As most of my friends know, I am a nightmare in the kitchen. Anyway, before this fast I would consider a lunch of turkey lunchmeat in a whole-grain tortilla a fairly healthy lunch option. Now, the smell of this turkey makes me feel kind of sick. To me it smells like plastic and chemicals. If nothing else, this detox has cleared my palate to really appreciate fresh foods.

So maybe I will see if I can pull this off for another week. Then again, I can already taste that giant glass of cabernet waiting for me at the end of this...