Day 3 Of Raw Foodin' It

Since I've already spent a week's pay at Whole Foods, I'm determined to stick out this raw food cleanse for at least a week. So far, I'm feeling fairly wretched. My head hurts, my throat hurts, and I'm exhausted. I did some research before starting out and learned that your body reacts badly to the first few days, since it is being emptied of all of its toxins. Headaches, phlegm, and digestive issues that I'm not even going to get into are quite common. So far my stomach is okay, but I keep getting the chills and sweats. I actually feel like I may be running a fever. Hell, maybe I'm really sick and blaming the detox-everyone at work seems to have some sort of flu-thing lately. So I'll stick it out for this week, unless I die first. At least my skin is very clear and soft, although also very pale. God, I want a hamburger. And a colonic.