Let's talk about poop. You probably snickered just reading that word, didn't you? Most people become uncomfortable with the very mention of the topic. Even people who have no issue with discussing the most intimate details of their private lives tend to clam up when the subject of elimination comes up. Well, the secret is out-we all know that you're doing it, sometimes even two or three times a day!This reticient attitude can make my job more difficult. As an acupuncturist I have a responsibility to treat the entire you, not just your symptoms. To do this I need to find patterns that can only be seen when I have the appropriate information. Your body is a puzzle that cannot be solved unless I have all the pieces. That poop which you are denying the very existence of is a very important piece of the puzzle. Most people only concern themselves with their bowel movements when there is change that is alarming or annoying, such as the appearance of blood, or constipation. And yes, these symptoms can sometimes indicate serious underlying issues. But that is only the beginning of what a TCM practitioner can unearth through questions about elimination. Size and shape can reveal in imbalance in an organ system. Consistency can point to a disruption of the fluids in the body. Color may be a clue as to whether you have too much heat or cold in your system. I sometimes think if we acupuncturists requested stool samples like veterinarians do, we could successfully treat with that alone! So when you come into my office, flaunt your poop with pride. Know that the more you disclose, the better equipped I will be to pinpoint exactly what is going on in your body. It may seem strange at first to talk about this topic with a stranger, but it is part of my job, and believe me, I have heard it all. There is no need to feel awkward or embarrassed about having this conversation with me-it is just another way to help me to create the best treatment for you.