Heading Out To Clinic

Getting ready to head out for some needling. I love the patient I have today; he is a complete endorphin junkie. All he wants is constant, intense stimulation.   For people that have never experienced qi, it is a sensation around the site of the needle that varies with each individual. It can feel like an achiness, a sense of warmth, sometimes it feels like movement. A new patient last week said that she experienced it as "a wind filling an empty space." Very poetically put.I have had people come in that haven't the slightest idea about the theories behind acupuncture, who trace a sensation right down the pathway of the meridian I am needling. I have also needled a woman who was in a wheelchair from birth. She had no sensation in her legs at all, but could clearly feel the sensation of qi when needled. Qi is fascinating stuff, no doubt. And when we acupuncturists search for it, we generally just want to tap into it, not wrestle it into submission. But for my patient today, I will be stimulating that needle until my fingers get numb. "Wait...it's not intense enough...hold on, I can still take more..." What can I say? He loves it, it works for him, and he keeps coming back for more.