Acupuncture Sudbury

I often find my patients asking me if I get acupuncture, too. Yes, of course I do! I love this stuff. It plays a huge role in keeping me happy and balanced. For some reason, patients find it fascinating that I have my own practitioner. They often ask me why I can’t just perform it on myself. Why would I pay someone to give me a session when I have the tools and knowledge to give myself a treatment? Is there some deep dark secret why I can’t do this on my own? Actually, there isn’t. I’m very sorry to disappoint you, but…


However…here’s the thing. Yes, technically I can give myself acupuncture. If I need a quick fix, I can easily use those needles to ease a headache, unblock my stuffy nose, soothe my knee pain, or get my creaky neck moving from side to side again. But, there’s so much more to this medicine than simply relieving pain! The good stuff is the benefits BEYOND just fixing the problem at hand. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a night of the most blissful, deep sleep after an acupuncture appointment. It’s the kind of sleep that brings you back to life. Until I started getting acupuncture, I never realized how much I wake up throughout the night, even when I thought I was getting “good” sleep. Other perks: it regulates your digestion and periods, cranks up your immunity, evens out your hormones, strongly benefits hot flashes and night sweats, lifts your spirits, improves your circulation…the positive “side effects” go on and on.


One wonderful side effect of acupuncture is the profound relaxation that you experience during and after the session. It is pure heaven. There is something about the process of receiving acupuncture from another practitioner that takes it to a whole other level, though. It is quite difficult for me to relax when I perform acupuncture on myself. I love the drifty, floaty feeling that you get when you are “acu-stoned,” as we call it. This is a sensation that is akin to being high, but completely lucid and clear. It feels SO good. I can’t seem to attain this sensation when I needle myself. But as soon as my practitioner inserts those needles? Ahh…the journey to dreamland begins.


When we insert those needles, we are causing a cascade of chemicals to surge through your system. These are endorphins. You’ve all experienced the magic of endorphins before. These are the chemicals that give you a “runner’s high.” Imagine that you’ve really pushed yourself beyond what you were capable of, and you are now in that space of complete power. Your body is SO light, your mind is focused and sharp, and you are in love with the road, the trees, your muscles, everyone you run past. YOU ARE ON FIRE. You are invincible. Even though you’ve been working harder than you ever thought you could, there isn’t a single muscle in your body that is feeling pain. Ahh…it’s amazing! You can do all that work to get you into this state of pure pleasure, or you can pay your acupuncturist to get you there without any work on your behalf. No brainer, isn’t it? Click here to learn more about us!