Initial Health Intake:  $20
The initial health intake is necessary for acquiring the information to achieve optimal results during treatments.
*Note: The initial health intake is only required for standard sessions.


Standard session of acupuncture:  $75
The best results for any condition are obtained with this style of treatment, on a regular basis.  A full session includes pulse, tongue, and palpatory diagnosis, along with a brief consultation.  After the needles are inserted, any number of extra adjuncts (such as cupping or gua sha) may be added to enhance the treatment effects.


Labor and Delivery Support:  $150
Acupuncture is a natural, safe alternative for women who wish to maintain optimal health throughout the course of the pregnancy.


Hypnotherapy:  $75-125
The first session of hypnotherapy consists of an intake process which allows the practitioner to discover the triggers for negative behavior patterns.  During this session, a personalized script is developed for the client.  After the script is created, the patient is put into a very deep state of relaxation which allows positive suggestions to implant within the subconscious mind, where all permanent changes take place.


“Hypnoacupuncture” Session:  $125-175
Hypnotherapy and acupuncture work amazingly well together to address issues from a mental, emotional, and physical level.  A hypnoacupuncture session does not include a back treatment or adjuncts; however, patients can opt to add on a 20 minute back treatment with cupping or gua sha for an additional $25.


Cupping: $20
During a cupping session, glass or plastic cups are placed on the skin and suction is applied. It is most often used for neck and back pain and tightness, but is also beneficial for asthma, the common cold, and many other issues. Please note that cupping does leave marks on the skin that may last up to a week. Cupping is incorporated into standard acupuncture sessions if needed, and is included in the cost of the session.


Gua sha: $20
During a session of gua sha, a rounded tool is used to gently scrape the skin, acting as a deep tissue massage. Again, this technique leaves marks on the skin that can last for up to 7 days.  Gua sha is incorporated into standard acupuncture sessions if needed, and is included in the cost of the session.


House Calls:  $150
Unable to get to us?  Don’t worry, we can come to you!  Just give us a call to learn about our house call option.