Every success story begins with a tipping point. It’s simple math: in order to achieve anything, whether it is getting in shape, attracting the perfect person for you, or creating a lucrative and fulfilling business, your motivation needs to be greater than your desire to stay where you are.

If our choices alone were what dictated our ability to able to move forward in life, everything would be so simple, wouldn’t it? We would just decide that we were ready for change, and boom! It would happen!

Except…you’ve probably noticed by now that this isn’t quite how life works. We humans have the ability to remain set in our not-quite-happy ways for a long time unless something pushes us forward. Why is this?

We are all creatures of energy. Although this sounds a bit woo-woo and out there, it’s truly just simple science. Everything we are and everything we do is part of the energetic process. When we think about attaining any type of goal, two forms of energy are at play.

On one hand, you have energy that catalyzes you and makes you want to, not have to. This is the energy we tap into when we are excited, enthusiastic, and eager. It’s the  feel-good energy that sparks creativity and innovation. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the negative energy that keeps us overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted at the very idea of change. This energy can come from a number of factors that are products of your life experiences and personal make-up: fear, doubt, lack of self-confidence, memories of past failures, anxiety surrounding the unknown, feelings of inadequacy…the list goes on and on.

This is where I come in. By utilizing the process of “Hypnoacucoaching” I can help you to break through your self-sabotaging blocks and tip the scales toward excitement and enthusiasm, motivating forces that will propel you forward into success.